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About Yuriage Harbor Morning Market


Fresh seafood caught in the coastal waters is landed at Yuriage Port, and among them, it is famous as a production center of red clams so that high-class sushi restaurants that get three stars in the Michelin Guide say "Akagai uses only Yuriage products". ..


"Yuriage Harbor Morning Market" has been held on Sundays and public holidays in the Yuriage area for about 30 years. With the motto "Good products cheaper", fresh seafood and locally produced vegetables are lined up, and usually about 5,000 to 10,000 tourists gather.


Yuriage Harbor Morning Market, loved by many people, has been held for about 30 years on both rainy and snowy days.


History of Yuriage Harbor Morning Market


The Yuriage district in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture has prospered as a fishing port since before the Edo period, and has a history of transporting marine products to Sendai Castle using the longest canal in Japan, the Teizan Canal, which is said to have been dug by Date Masamune.

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