About Seri City

How to participate in Seri City and precautions

How to participate in Seri City

  1. The union members will ring the bell and parade around the venue before 10 o'clock, so please gather around the venue.

  2. Please exchange 100 yen coins at the exchange corner in advance before the auction starts.
    * No change will be given when purchasing the auction after the auction.

  3. Take the numbered Uchiwa from the box.

  4. Products will be displayed in front of the wooden deck, so you can check the products in advance.

  5. Please line up on the stairs next to the wooden deck before the hour.

  6. When the information bell has finished ringing, the "Seriichi" has finally started!

  7. The auctioneer will give a brief description of the item and read out the number of items sold and the very first price.

  8. If you have a product you like, raise the uchiwa high and show the number to the auctioneer.

  9. If your number is called, the auction is successful!

  10. It's fun and there is a good chance that you will drop many points. Don't forget the items you have dropped!

  11. Finally, hold a fan in front of the item you bid for and purchase in order.
    * No change will be given, so please exchange money in advance.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to your participation again.

Precautions for participation in Seri City

  • The auction site is the stairs beside the wooden deck (sea side) on the Maple Hall side.

  • In case of rain, it will be done on the terrace of the Maple Building.

  • It is held every Sunday from 10 o'clock. There are no public holidays.

  • Anyone can participate. Any number of people can participate.

  • Participation on the way is welcome, but please exchange money in advance.

  • The trick is to raise the uchiwa as high as possible so that the auctioneer can easily see the number!

  • Don't shake the fan and be considerate of your surroundings.

  • The price of the auction is in units of 100 yen, and there is no change when purchasing the product. Please exchange money at the exchange corner in advance so that you can purchase the products smoothly.

  • Please do not return the Uchiwa until you purchase the item, as the auctioned item will be checked against the Uchiwa number.

Coronavirus infection prevention measures when participating in Seri City Request for cooperation

  • Please be sure to wear a mask to participate.

  • When you bid off, raise the fan high and do not speak out.

  • Please refrain from participating if you are not feeling well or if you are feverish.

  • Please sterilize your fingers with the disinfectant solution installed before participating.