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Use permission application


Photo (image data) license application form If you want to use a photo (digital image) owned by Yuriage Harbor Morning Market (homepage or SNS), you need to apply.
Only the images ① and ② can be used.
① Event information and photo gallery on Yuriage Harbor Morning Market ② Photo posted on Facebook of Yuriage Harbor Morning Market ③ Photo posted on Instagram of Yuriage Harbor Morning Market

* Some of the photos provided are also available, so we may not be able to meet your request. note that.

Use permission application

How to apply (1) Download the license application form.
② Submission method (Please send the application form by the following two methods.)
・ Email attachment (email address: )
・ FAX (022-395-7235)
③ Please contact us by phone to the effect that you have submitted the application form.
④ We will confirm the application form and inform you of permission / non-permission.
(Email or fax, phone)
* If you do not receive permission or disapproval, please contact us.
Yuriage Harbor Morning Market Photo (image data) License application (Please download and fill in)
Yuriage Harbor Morning Market Photo Use Permission Application (PDF)
Yuriage Harbor Morning Market Photo Use Permission Application (Word)


Request regarding the use of photos

<Request for using photos>
Do not use for any other purpose.
We are not responsible for any troubles caused by using our images.
Unauthorized copying or diversion is prohibited. Please do not perform image processing other than resizing and trimming without permission.

Prohibited matter

<Prohibited matters>
・ It is prohibited to use it for things that are offensive to public order and morals.
・ It is prohibited to copy, sell or distribute as it is.
-It is prohibited to commercialize and use it for commercial purposes.
・ Credit notation is not required.
・ Please send one copy of the printed matter (the corresponding page is also acceptable) to our association or attach it to an email.
・ If you post it on our website, please let us know the address.

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